In the surroundings of Cesseras, very beautiful bike paths are available. A detailed discription of the itinerary is available for free for our guests.

Cesseras – Minerve Departure: Cesseras (Distance: 14 km – Height difference: 140m – Difficulty: difficult)

Le terroir Minervois
Departure: Cesseras
(Distance: 60 km – Height difference: 483m – Difficulty: medium)

Le terroir Minervois 2
Departure: Cesseras
(Distance: 72 km – Height difference: 485m – Difficulty: medium)

Le terroir Minervois 3
Departure: Cesseras
(Distance: 86 km – Height difference: 812m – Difficulty: difficult)

Minervois – Montagne Noire
Departure: Cesseras
(Distance: 92 km – Height difference: 750m – Difficulty: difficult)